Biking is one of my favorite activities.Every time I travel, biking is one of the best options of transportation to know a new city. It gives you great flexibility and it is very cost-effective.Not a single option, including tours, has allowed me to know more about a city, that simply by using a bike to explore every single street, make a stop in a park whenever I wish and come back any time.

There are several reasons why biking is one of the most sustainable ways of transportation:

  • It is cost-effective: If you buy and old or a new bike, rest assured that you are making a great investment and it will last long. An old bike, for example, can cost you between $100.00 to more depending on the model and the place. A new bike may be a different story, as it depends of the type of bike. For example road bike ranges may start at $900.00 up to $3,000.00 or more. It all depends of the brand and the type of functions that you need.The good point of this, is that it is definitely an investment. Once you have purchased it, you will see the great benefits of that. There is no single comparison to investing in a car or even in paying public transportation.


  • It improves your health. Just try biking at least for 3 consecutive days to go to work or school. You feel feel immediately that your body and your brain functions will ¬†improve considerably. You will feel more concentrated, relaxed, with a good sense of energy during the day. When returning home, you will have the same feeling. If you practice this every day, I can guarantee you won’t need to invest on paying for a gym membership. If you manage to invest in getting well equipped, you will be able to use your bike during the whole year, including winter. This will improve completely your lifestyle, in a sustainable way.There is no comparison to being stagnant inside a bus, metro or even in traffic jams. Your mental health and stress level will decrease.


  • You save money: Paying a monthly transportation is round $90.00 per month or the cost of gas could be even more than that. Plus the additional cost of repairs and maintenance of a car. A bike, doesn’t require that amount of money as often as a car. Just compare how much you spent in a year on transportation and you will be very surprised of how much a bike can save you!


  • It is environmentally friendly.Biking works perfectly in many ways. It lowers the amount of traffic jams. If everybody used a bike instead of a car, the streets would reclaim their space. No need to be stuck for hours because of accidents. It also reduces the amount of carbon emissions in the environment. This in tun will reduce the health problems caused by air pollution. Our world is pacing a problem on fuel capacity, this is destroying our planet as the fuel companies continue to destroy the natural habitats to extract more oil. The consequences of this have been disastrous and devastation and will have no returning point or a way to restore the damage. People could simply adopt this as an emergency measure to reduce the climate disaster cause by this chain of over-consumption of fuel energy.


  • It is simply fun and a way to enjoy. Biking will allow you to have unforgettable summer seasons, to discover and explore new unknown places, take pictures and share with friends and family. You can also make it into a activity a social activity in order to meet people and share this passion with others.


You can start today, you won’t regret it. Its simply an amazing way of lifestyle.Happy biking!


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