Go Vegan!

Best resources to become vegan.

Here I will describe 3 documentaries that have been a good inspiration and a good source of information about the vegan world. I suggest that you watch them in this order, so that you can have a better way of assimilating the information and learn on the process.


  • Watch the documentary Earthlings, its available on Youtube  It is a documentary for educational purposes, so do not expect any make up or scenes being edited.It is a production of Nationearth .If you watch it with an open mindset, I can assure you that it will transform your life!This was truly and eye opener for me and for thousands of people every day. This documentary changed my life forever. Ever since, I don’t have any doubt that this is the right and best lifestyle if you want to evolve on your path on the planet. The documentary contains graphic content, but I recommend you NOT TO skip it, because otherwise you will remain on the denial and ignorance. Watch it completely and make the connection!


  • The second documentary to watch is called Cowspiracy. This is a great film if youare a environmentalist and want to know the plain facts of howthe meat industry and animal based products downloadare contributing to destroy our planet. You will be surprised about how many tons of water are required to produce one single piece of meat. In other words, you are using the equivalent of 1 year of baths just to produce one single portion of meat!Considering the devastation of water resources and droughts happening in states like California, you will understand this is an emergency and everyone needs to become educated on environmental solutions. Veganism is the best!


  • The third documentary is called Forks Over Knives. This documentary explains with facts how consuming plant-based diets are resolving health problems such as cancer, blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, heart attacks. It also provides examples of athletes that have transitioned to plant-based diets and have seen a improvement on their performance.



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