Less is More, a new way of consuming

We live in a society of consumerism. This acqvb-mall-1508691tivity has become more part of a loisir and a lifestyle, rather than a way to buy exactly what we need to live. The more we buy, the ”better off” people are considered. However, we forget that consuming is just an activity that is fueled by marketing strategies that aim to convince consumers to keep buying, even things that are not necessary.

One way of hooking the consumer drive is by appealing directly to their egos. Selling strategies always sell to the people’s ego. Beauty, Power, Luxury, Prestige, Adventure. Those are intangible values that are sold as purely elements of consumption. These intangible assets adopt a more tangible entity. Luxury becomes a Rolex, Beauty becomes a Sara’s dress, Power becomes an expensive car, Adventure becomes a reservation in a skiing resort and so forth.


This way of buying intangible assets only creates a continuous desire to buy objects that at the end will not be enough to fill a continuous void in the mind of the consumer. While they spend  zillions amounts of money attempting to satisfy a need with something that is supposed to contain such intangible values, this process of intrinsic motivation remains permanently in constant seeking.People spend hours in malls trying to satisfy these intangible needs.



This leads to an unsustainable lifestyle!    

at-the-co-op-1328433In recent years, a new consumption pattern has been adopted by a specific market. It is a more sustainable way of buying. People buy more intelligently, they buy local, they read labels, very often organic products and avoid waste by buying as many products in bulk as possible. This allows consumers the option to buy only what is necessary and only in the amounts necessary for their consumption.  This is creating a new culture of consumption, which is more demanding, environmentally friendly and sustainable. People understand that Less is More, therefore, they are reducing their amounts of consumption.


This is changing completely they way things are being produced. People are avoiding more products that are harmful fro their health and the environment. They are avoiding packaging in order to avoid waste and cause an over consumption of the natural resources.

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